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The Mod Vault – Sgt Mark IV’s Brutal Doom 64 | Lovers of Brutal Doom will be right at home with this puppy. This mod is based on Kaiser’s Doom 64: Absolution Total Conversion for Classic Doom.

Doom 64 is a not so well known port of Doom for the Nintendo 64. Unlike the ports for other consoles, it’s not exactly a port, but a completely new game, featuring completely new levels, textures, sprites, enemies, and a new plot that takes place right after the events of Doom 2, and it’s plot strongly suggests to be the prequel to “Doom 2016” as it be considered a reasonable explanation of how the Doom Marine stayed in Hell and became known as the “Doom Slayer” (thus being considered canonical to the series by many fan theories, and being the TRUE Doom 3).


In 2003, Samuel “Kaiser” Villarreal was able to extract all textures, sprites and sounds from the N64 ROM and faithfully recreate the levels in the Doomsday engine, thus creating the Doom 64 Absolution TC, and later making Doom 64 EX (an emulator for the ROM for PC).

The Doomsday engine is today considered obsolete, and a Doomworld user called Nightside successfully ported all maps to work on GZDoom, but has given up the project.

Brutal Doom 64 aims to continue this project of “porting” (actually recreating from scratch) Doom 64 to GZDoom and Zandronum engines. Unlike Doom 64 EX or Doom 64 Absolution the goal of this project is not to make a 1:1 port of Doom 64 for PC, but to enhance it in every possible way, bringing the satisfying gore and gunplay of Brutal Doom.

New sounds and special effects that greatly enhances the oppressive atmosphere of Doom 64, and attempting to include all the content cut from the original game due the cartridge space of the N64.

What this mod includes:

  • All weapons revamped to feature new sounds, animations, and have greater feedback.
  • Several stuff that were removed from the final game, such as Revenants, Masterminds, a weapon that was shown in an old magazine featuring an interview with the D64 devs that never got added into the final game, and an enemy called Hellhound which was also cut due the N64’s cartridge space.
  • New gore featuring dismemberment, gibs, new blood splashes, blood decals on the walls, floor, and ceiling.
  • Brightmaps (such as monsters eyes glowing in the dark).
  • Multiplayer support through the Zandronum sourceport ( up to 64 players, either Co-Op, Survival Co-Op, and Deathmatch).
  • Revamped levels featuring new decorations, lightning system, fog, light shafts, etc. Techbase levels were optimised to have better navigation, new ambient sounds, more security cameras to remove the need of “switch hunting”, and having some parts of the levels remade to look like a more plausible place. The Hell levels were also upgraded with new ambient sounds, and more disturbing imagery.
  • Option to play with the Brutal Doom 64 weapons and enemies on regular Doom 2 levels, or with custom maps. Or play the Brutal Dooom 64 levels with other gameplay mods.


The mod:
DoomSeeker (for online play):

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