The Mod Vault: Serpentine for Unreal

The Mod Vault: Serpentine for Unreal

The Mod Vault – Serpentine for Unreal – So, here’s something new. A friend and I were chatting a week ago about game mods. The best, worst, classics and current modifications for PC games. So he inspired me to create a new playlist on our YouTube Channel entitled “The Mod Vault” – Massive thanks to Dagon for the sparkly new logo. The intro may change, it’s a start. Anyway, here’s our first effort; Serpentine, a realistic weapons mod from Unreal 1. Yes, an old yet classic game. Enjoy!


We hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane. As the video states, we are taking requests. So if there’s a mod you want to see, get in touch. Comment on the video or on here via the comments section. You can download the latest patch for Unreal here and the UMOD version of Serpentine here. Thanks for watching. 🙂

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