RageQuitters Rust Server


So, having experienced random, community run Rust servers and encountering absolute dickhead players (their main excuse for blatantly killing fresh spawns being “Welcome to Rust”), we have decided to host our own server, with our own, fair ways of playing.

We all start anew, we are all newbies at the start. Think about the first time you entered a survival game like Rust and some cockend deliberately sniped you from their high, awesomely armoured crow’s nest, situated in the fortress that they painstakingly made…. that person started out the same as you. Naked, cock/flange hanging down with nothing more than a torch and a rock. We all start this way and know how shit it feels to be killed within minutes of spawning into the game. He didn’t have anything to gain from it apart from being abused in chat. It sucks!

Our Rust server is using the Stack Size Controller mod so that your gathered resource stacks are 4x their size. This will allow you to stack larger amounts of resource (wood, metal, sulphur, etc) and save time and space while farming. It also has a downside, it means you can carry more resources. Be careful out there if you have a large haul. Rust isn’t always fair! 🙂

We also have another, subtle, more interesting mod installed. We won’t give away the surprise. Hint: Night times aren’t quite as tranquil and lifeless anymore. 😉

Now that’s out of the way, here are some simple, easy to follow rules:

Offline raiding is allowed: This is core of Rust’s design. Just don’t be a dick by needlessly destroying items, structures or killing sleeping players.

No Killing of Fresh Spawns (nakeds): The main reason we decided to set up our own server. If a person is running along, minding their own business without a weapon drawn or on their person, we generally avoid killing them. Obviously if they’re hostile towards you with ill intent, you’re free to blow their face off.

No Blatant Killing of Sleepers: This should be a common sense one. As alluded to above, mindless killing of players who are offline is not cool and will result in a kickban. The only exception to this rule is splash damage, which can’t really be avoided. However, a bullet/axe/rock to the head when a player is offline is just plain mean. Remember: Rust’s kill messages are very clear in what weapon was used by whom.

Hacking/Exploits – This is an obvious one; If you are found to be hacking or using any exploits then you will be kicked and banned without question.

No harassment of players: However, light trolling is allowed, in small doses, just use your common sense. Trolling is part of gaming culture and is tolerated, to a degree.

Don’t ask for special treatment: The admin(s) are friendly and we’ll gladly help those in need. Just don’t take advantage of people’s kind nature.

Do not discriminate: We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination. i.e. racism, homophobic comments/attacks, sexual slurs, religious ranting/hate or personal attacks. If you have a problem with a player, speak with an admin.

Server wipes: This will only happen when absolutely necessary.

Compensation: If the server requires a wipe, we are only too happy to compensate you for any items lost.

That being said, we hope you enjoy your time with us. Please do not hesitate to ask for help or advice while you’re playing. Hope to see you soon. Have fun.


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