Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – RageQuitters Closed Beta Preview

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – RageQuitters Closed Beta Preview – Tripwire and Antimatter Games are currently working on their highly realistic Vietnam shooter, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. This is a team based first person shooter that pits the North Vietnamese Forces against the US Armed Forces in massive 64 player maps. Gear up and ensure your team is well co-ordinated and ready to shed some blood. War is hell.

Here are some of the many features that Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has to offer:

  • Asymmetrical Warfare

Experience the technological might of the US Armed Forces, with air support and state-of-the-art weapons – versus the guerrilla tactics and ambushes of North Vietnam

The United States Armed Forces, with state-of-the-art weapons, powerful air support and napalm sought to destroy the threat of Communism in Vietnam. North Vietnamese forces used stealth, traps and improvised weaponry, coupled with the ability to move with ease through their home front made them a force to be reckoned with

  • Conventional vs Guerrilla Forces

Each of the armies in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam uses different tactics and abilities to gain victory over their enemy. The US Armed Forces use the era’s most powerful weapons and conventional military tactics, and can call in gunships, napalm, and recon aircraft to pinpoint and destroy the North Vietnamese forces

The NVA and Viet Cong, conversely, make use of improvised weapons, traps, ambushes and guerrilla warfare to outwit and outmaneuver the enemy, and can make use of the enhanced logistics provided by the Ho Chi Minh trail

  • Detail and Authenticity

Period-correct and accurately modeled weapons and gear. Experience the 1960’s Vietnam, filled with authentic weapon sounds and immersive, detailed settings and levels

  • Squads and Command

Team up with friends and gain bonuses for working as a team using the new squad system. Issue orders and call in devastating commander abilities to turn the tide of battle

  • New Gametypes

New modes suited to small-scale 8v8 competitive action along with multiple large scale 64 player gametypes including classic Territories

  • Large Scale Battles

Fight in 64 player battles, over large engagement distances. Split your team into squads for improves team-play, and communicate to out flank the enemy

  • SDK and Steam Workshop

Bundled with UE3 SDK, players are encouraged to create new content. Featuring full mod and Steam Workshop support to streamline access to community content

A wall of text can often be pleasant to read, informative and sometimes, invigorating. However, we feel that the medium of video can have a greater impact, with nicer colours and actual feedback. So without further ado, we present you with our video preview of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Enjoy!

Massive thanks to Tripwire for providing us with the beta keys for this promising title. We can’t wait to try out the upcoming beta to see what’s new. For more information on the game, head over to the official website here.

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