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Before concluding and scoring the review, I would like to take the opportunity to again extend a massive thank you to Razer for providing us with a review sample of this excellent high-quality gaming mouse mat so that we could provide you with this article.

I love how Razer has really gone ‘back to basics’.  On face value, this mat looks like the marketing department’s nightmare – a sleek box is pretty much the limit of ‘shininess’  as the look is exceptionally plain here – no special pattern, RGB lighting or anything noteworthy – in fact looking at the price and some of the pictures you might think that Razer was smoking something that you wish you had access to.

However, I can say from first-hand experience this couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, I absolutely love how gimmick-free this pad is and how technically proficient it is – it is very obvious that all the efforts went into how it performs.

I can genuinely say hand-on-heart that this is the best cloth mat I’ve ever had the pleasure of using – it has all the advantages of a cloth mouse mat (control) with none of the negatives (lack of speed, drifting) that I would normally associate with one.

Razer really got the edge, weave and thickness spot on this time –  as an ultra-low sensitivity gamer (450 DPI) I felt that the pad seemed to have a perfect glide, control and deceleration that felt instantly intuitive to use with very little muscle memory adjustment required – I felt right at home straight away.

Please remember, however, that gaming peripherals are a very personal thing and these experiences will not represent every gamer and, like the majority gaming setups, you get used to it over time and your muscle memory adapts – over the course of several months you are unlikely to notice the difference.


So coming to the bottom line, if you are looking for a very high-quality cloth mouse ‘gaming surface’ to cover your entire desk with huge area for low-sensitivity, large swipes and zero compromises – this product has definitely has got your back.

The summary of our findings are as below:


  • Colossal!  This mat will consume your entire desk and then some of the next one…
  • Outstanding performance – truly the best-in-class cloth mouse mat with near perfect speed and control
  • No drifting or deceleration issues associated with the original and other cloth mouse mats
  • High-quality rubberised backing ensures full grip during play sessions
  • Superb comfort – the optimised thickness still acts as a wrist rest over prolonged gaming sessions



  • At around £49.99 at most e-tailers, this is an expensive mouse mat.  Hunt around or use our affiliate link below (we’ll love you for it!) to find the best price
  • Lack of Razer Synaspe v2 or v3 pre-configured calibration for the Razer Gigantus 3XL was disappointing
  • The 90 degree edge doesn’t enhance your comfort and with signs of fraying on the review sample after 2 weeks, there are some concerns for its durability over the long term


Buy the Razer Gigantus mouse mat from

  Razer is back with a Version 2 (v2) of their Razer Gigantus mouse mat that we reviewed here previously on Ragequitters so we were keen to get our hands on the follow-up version for review. I'll be frank and say mouse mats reviews aren't exactly the most sexy PC…


Performance - 95%
Ascetics - 89%
Build Quality - 86%
Value for Money - 90%



The Razer Gigantus v2 3XL certainly lives up to its namesake - it is a colossal 'gaming surface'. The term 'Mouse mat' does it no justice as it is effectively defining a new genre by effectively resurfacing your entire desk.Truly the absolute best cloth gaming surface we have ever experienced - you have the very best of speed and control on one surface.The slight concerns on the durability front are completely overshadowed by how technically proficient the surface is.There is little more to say than it to give it our wholehearted recommendation and our top-tier accolade - the RageQuitters Legendary award:

User Rating: 4.85 ( 1 votes)

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