Razer Gigantus Mousemat Review |

Testing and Performance


So we know the mat is exceptionally well made (especially for a cloth mouse mat that can often feel on the ‘cheap’ side) but how does it actually perform?


General Performance


The following points summarise the Razer Gigantus’s general performance:

  • The pad has a massive surface of 455 mm (L) x 455 mm (W) – you never feel the need to ‘pickup and replace’ the mouse as often as other mouse mats
  • Due to the pad’s abnormally large vertical area, there were no problems when aiming overhead or down and running out of tracking room
  • The Razer Gigantus has a very tight weave which makes it one of the smoothest cloth mouse mats I have used over the years – all movements felt very fluid overall
  • The high-quality, rounded machined sides of the mat made its use very comfortable and pleasant over an extended duration; there were no moments where working at the bottom of the mat led to redness or soreness on the wrist due to any sharp corners
  • The mat is aimed at low-sensitiy gamers and is dubbed to give you both speed and control.  Generally these two preferences are quite opposite in terms of surface design and I feel the Razer Gigantus falls in to a bit of a trap here – it does indeed cater for both markets but feels like a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ compared to a mat with caters for a particular market in mind (e.g Razer Goliathus Speed and Control editions)
  • The thickness of the mouse mat is also a double edge sword – on the one hand it is very comfortable (almost feeling like a massive wrist rest) but on the flip side, it also seems to absorb more energy from your mouse movements which causes a sudden and unexpected deceleration to the mouse (more on that in the Overwatch test below)


1st-person Shooter Multi Player Game Test – Overwatch


Overwatch’s high-damage hitscan type of heroes (such as McCree and Widowmaker) take a large amount of ‘mechanical’ skill to be effective to any team composition.  Unlike many other heroes in the game, if you can’t aim with these two then you are effectively useless to the team.  The type of aiming required for these heroes is referred to as ‘flick’ shots where you make sudden, rapid, high precision movements to a target and instinctively ‘felt’ out rather than putting too much thought into each shot.

Although it may be down to pure muscle memory in conjunction with my usual mat, I found the Razer Gigantus to completely opposite of my expections after feeling how smooth the surface felt.  I felt the pad started the motion of my aiming fairly smoothly and then, towards the end of movement, I got an unexpected high resistance that gave a sudden ‘deceleration’ causing an ‘underaim’ on many of my shots, just missing the target.

Whilst I could compensate for the additional force required at the end of the aiming, I felt this wasn’t as instinctive as I’d become used to and put me at somewhat of a disadvantage.  Raising DPI sensitivities helped a little but this isn’t an area I feel particularly comfortable with using.

‘Tracking’ type aim heroes (such as Solider 76), tended not to suffer from this issue and the smooth, consistent surface of the Razer Gigantus was a pleasure to use in this respect.


Strategy Game Test – XCOM 2


A recent contender for my gaming time at the moment and this is the polar opposite to Overwatch being a single-player, turn-based strategy game.

Although fast, high-precision timing are not an XCOM 2 requirement – the game is instead extremely absorbing and can eliminate many hours at a time going from screen to screen making decisions over the course of each campaign.

Taking this above factors into consideration, comfort is an absolute must and, due to the Razer Gigantus’s thickness, this made the experience is very pleasant over the course of multiple hours.


1st-person Shooter Single Player Game Test – Doom


A graphical treat and reboot of a legendary series, Doom is the ultimate modern-day run and gun first-person shooter.

The mechanics in this game are fundamentally different to the Overwatch test where ‘tracking’ type movements are much more common as you shotgun, plasma and rocket tough Demons to death over extended combat encounters.

The Razer Gigantus did and excellent job at keeping up with the relentless tracking over extended action sequences and always kept you cool under pressure.

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