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Razer have yet again very kindly supplied us with a review sample of the Razer Gigantus ‘Special Black Edition’ so we are able to bring you our review today.

First up – let’s have a look at the packaging.  The mat is supplied in an an attractive cuboid-shaped box with the usual green and black colouring and Razer branding.  The mat is rolled neatly in the box which immediately indicates that this is a soft cloth mat:

Razer Gigantus - Box (Top)

Razer Gigantus – Box (Top)


Razer Gigantus - Box (Bottom)

Razer Gigantus – Box (Bottom)

The profile shot shows the minimalist approach to the styling on this particular edition (which is likely why it has been reserved as a Razer store exclusive rather than the mainstream edition) but it is impossible to say if this is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – being cosmetic, this is purely subjective and depends on the taste of the particular individual.  One thing that no-one can deny is, as the name implies, that this thing is huge – measuring a massive 455mm x 455mm this mouse mat will consume a large portion of most gamer’s desk space.  One particular point to note which is unusual is that the mat is perfectly square – no side is longer than the other which you normally find is the case most mats:

Razer Gigantus - Profile

Razer Gigantus – Profile

Let’s get up close and personal – there is branding on the mat but it is very subtle – there is a rubberised, black and slightly shiny Razer logo in one of the corners which will reveal itself at certain angles and lights but doesn’t scream out “this is a Razer mat” at 100 yards which definitely may be appealing to some users.  From this shot we can also see the close-knit, high-quality weave that the mouse mat uses.  Whilst running your hand over the top, you can feel the quality and effort which has gone into making this item – it is very smooth to the touch but also with plenty of grip to allow effective deceleration of you mouse for rapid, accurate aiming:

Razer Gigantus - Razer Logo

Razer Gigantus – Razer Logo

On the subject of quality finishes, this also brings us to at the edges of the mat.  Like the surface of the pad, you can tell that this mat has been manufactured to a very high standard.  The ‘rolled’ edging has been very well machined and finished – you can be assured that mat with not need replacing due to frayed edges.  This shot also shows how thick the mat is – around 5mm whereas most mats are usually around the 3mm mark:

Razer Gigantus - Edge and Thickness

Razer Gigantus – Edge and Thickness

From the overhead shot, you can see how symmetrical the pad is which, as stated earlier, is quite usual.  However, this is a mat that will give you serious real estate in all directions – not just horizontal:

Razer Gigantus - Overhead

Razer Gigantus – Overhead

Rolling the pad over reveals the high-contrast green underbelly of the pad.  This is a rubberised high-grip backing which will ensure it does not slip out of place on the desk.  Again notice how well the backing is machined into the pad – you certainly won’t see this breaking away and peeling back for many years to come:

Razer Gigantus - Rolled

Razer Gigantus – Rolled

Razer Gigantus - Backing

Razer Gigantus – Backing

This covers the looks and ascetics of the mouse mat – let’s see how it fares in practice…

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