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When the words ‘Razer’ and ‘gaming peripheral’ are mentioned in the same sentence in a public forum, you can always be guaranteed it will be followed up an ill-informed barrage of ‘style over substance’ replies.

Whilst this had an element of truth in the past, Razer is a company whose products have seen a substantial change for the better; these days you can have both style and substance.

Thankfully the Razer Gigantus very much follows this mantra – one could even argue that that the product favours function over form but more on that later.


The specifications for the product are as follows:

  • Ultra large size for low DPI gameplay
  • Textured cloth finish for perfect balance between speed and control gameplay
  • Dense foam with rubberised base for optimal comfort
  • Anti-fray stitching
  • Approx. size: 455 mm (L) x 455 mm (W) x 5 mm (H)
  • Approximate weight: 617 g / 1.4 lbs


Further information can be found on Razer’s product page here:

To suit different tastes and preferences, the mat is available in 3 different designs:

Razer Gigantus Elite Edition

Razer Gigantus Elite Edition


Razer Gigantus Black Edition

Razer Gigantus Black Edition


Razer Gigantus Team Razer Edition

Razer Gigantus Team Razer Edition


The exact product we are reviewing today is Razer Gigantus ‘Special Black Edition’ (which is a Razer store exclusive product).

This particular edition is very conservative in styling but how will it perform?  Let’s find out…

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