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Unboxing and Appearance


With the history lesson and technical overview out of the way, let’s move on to the important part; how is the keyboard delivered to the user and what does the keyboard actually look like?

Razer employs their classic and attractive black and green box colour schema for the outer packaging.  Note – you can see the extra free keychain switch they have included as a ‘bonus’ – you’ll be the coolest kid in town with this:

Razer BlackWidow v2 - Box

Razer BlackWidow v2 – Box

Once out of the box, the new Blackwidow v2 quickly reveals the new type-face which first featured on the BlackWidow X; this immediately improves the product’s appearance and looks much less ‘Fisher Price’ as a result.  The classic encased keys with the non-smudge plastic top and the 5-macro keys to the left-hand of the keyboard make a reappearance v.s. the BlackWidow X keyboard:

Razer BlackWidow v2 - Profile

Razer BlackWidow v2 – Profile


Razer BlackWidow v2 - Top

Razer BlackWidow v2 – Top


Razer BlackWidow v2 - Side

Razer BlackWidow v2 – Left Side


Razer BlackWidow v2 - Rear

Razer BlackWidow v2 – Rear


Razer BlackWidow v2 - Razer Logo

Razer BlackWidow v2 – Razer Logo

Moving over to the right-hand side of the keyboard, we see there is a single 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB pass-through connector which are unique features on the non-X editions of the BlackWidow Chroma keyboards

Razer BlackWidow v2 - Right

Razer BlackWidow v2 – Right

In order to support the additional power and pass-through the data from the 1-port USB hub on the side, the Razer BlackWidow v2 requires x2 USB connections as well as a 3.5mm jack connection which needs to go into the front channel of your sound card or motherboard:

Razer BlackWidow v2 - Cables

Razer BlackWidow v2 – Cables

If we flip the Razer Blackwidow v2 over, we can see the two kick-stands to raise the keyboard height (there is only a single level of adjustment here) and also the non-slip rubber feat in the corners and centre-front to keep the keyboard in position on your desk:

Razer BlackWidow v2 - Underside

Razer BlackWidow v2 – Underside

Included with the v2 edition of the Razer BlackWidow is a high-quality, soft, ‘leatherette’ feeling wrist-rest:

Razer BlackWidow v2 - Wrist Rest

Razer BlackWidow v2 – Wrist Rest

The wrist-rest easily and tidily attaches onto the Razer BlackWidow v2 via an excellent magnetic coupling system:


Once plugged in, the magic of the Chroma LED lighting kicks into life even before the driver software has been installed.  The back-lighting behind the keys is fantastically bright and clear – even brighter and more intense than the Razer BlackWidow X.  Here, the enclosed casing around the keys traps and intensifies the light effect:

Raxer BlackWidow v2 - Lighting

Raxer BlackWidow v2 – Lighting

Zooming the camera in on the Razer logo towards the front of the keyboard further reveals how quality the lighting system is on this keyboard.  The light is so intense it looks as if the ‘core’ of the beast is glowing with power:

Razer BlackWidow v2 - Razer Logo

Razer BlackWidow v2 – Razer Logo

The picture below shows the Razer BlackWidow v2 (on the left) with its intense, focused light going head-to-head with the Razer BlackWidow X (on the right) with it’s spread out, down-lit glow over the whole metal area of the keyboard:

Razer BlackWidow v2 vs X lighting

Razer BlackWidow v2 (left) vs BlackWidow X (right) lighting

The keyboard’s lighting effects, macros and additional configuration is all performed via the Synapse 2.0 Software which we will cover on the new page…

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