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Before concluding and scoring the review, I would like to take the opportunity to again extend a massive thank you to Razer for providing us with a review sample of this outstanding FPS gaming mouse so that we could provide you with this article.

Razer has, yet again, designed a mouse that pushes the envelope in what we define as the ‘defacto’ standard technology inside of a gaming peripheral.  The combination of a super-advanced optical sensor, variable scroll wheel sensitivity, removable / interchangeable side clutch button and a significant overhaul to the Razer Synapse software produces a compelling overall package.

The Razer Basilisk‘s build quality and materials is outstanding, even if the beauty in the mouse’s body takes a back seat on this occasion (in my humble opinion).

Visually the Razer Basilisk makes up for its rather bulbous features by offering the outstanding Chroma lighting as seen on other Razer peripherals.  This time, however, it is enhanced by the inclusion of the Chroma Studio in Razer Synapse v3 which makes it easier than ever to synchronise an almost limitless array of custom lighting effects across multiple Razer devices.

A minor quibble is a personal one which affects ergonomic devices including the Razer Basilisk – they omit the ability to use the device left-handed (or right-handed in the very rare case of left-handed ergonomic devices), often favouring a single grip style and are designed as ‘one trick’ devices favouring a particular genre of gaming (which reduces their use outside of a given genre and for generalised usage).

The summary of our findings are as below:


  • Features one of the world’s most accurate gaming mouse optical sensors – 16000 DPI, 50g acceleration at 450 inches per second tracking – taking ‘outstanding’ to whole other level
  • Excellent use of Razer Omron mechanical mouse switches making the main buttons very responsive.
  • Excellent feel to all other buttons (side switches, middle mouse, DPI up / down, clutch) for a total of 8 fully usable buttons (including the main left and right click buttons) which is incredibly high for a right-handed only device
  • Excellent build quality and finish
  • Choice of clutch switch size and its magnetic coupling system is an excellent touch and superb piece of engineering
  • The variable scroll wheel adjustment caters nicely for those that like a ‘tactile and clicky’ experience through to those that like ‘free wheeling’ scroll wheels with low resistence
  • Razer Synapse v3 has evolved and already excellent piece of software and taken it to the next level of functionality and UI design, putting Razer as one of the leaders in peripheral configuration software
  • The hybrid Razer Synapse on-board memory makes a welcome return ensuring the experience is more consistent across multiple devices which may not have the Razer Synapse software installed
  • Excellent price for such a high-end gaming peripheral, with an RRP around £59.99 at most e-tailers, this is a whole lot of technology and quality for such a relatively low price



  • The shape of the Razer Basilisk is fairly big and cumbersome unless you have relatively big hands – the width at the palm heel area precludes the effective use of a ‘claw’ grip and heavily favours a ‘palm’ grip instead
  • Relatively high weight (compared to a mouse like the Razer Diamondback) for a wired mouse specialising in the FPS genre.  This decreases the ability to use the device to successfully create ‘flick’ shots which is important in FPS games
  • Ribbed side-grips are improved but continue to be uncomfortable on the fingers over longer gaming sessions
  • Clutch switch is a little gimmicky in practice and a throw back to such functions on mice from the last decade, interfering with muscle memory in its default form.  Thankfully, the function can be rebound to any other key / function in the Razer Synapse software


  The gaming mouse market is very over-saturated, with a myriad of choices, price-points and features to choose from.   Add to this, Razer has to fight with even itself to differentiate its own products against jack-of-all-trade options such as the ever-popular Razer Deathadder. It makes sense, therefore, to focus on…


Performance - 86%
Aesthetics - 84%
Build Quality - 90%
Value for Money - 92%



The Razer Basilisk provides an excellent FPS gaming experience, packed with technology at a very reasonable price by today's standards. The mouse will strongly appeal to right-handed palm grip gamers but leaves claw grip and left handers in the dust. Big and cumbersome, the performance of the mouse for FPS 'flick' aim techniques isn't quite where it should be. However, the outstanding optical sensor, DPS clutch, variable scroll wheel resistance and the upgraded Synapse v3 software makes up for these shortcomings but ends up being just shy of our Legendary award. The Razer Basilisk, however, easily snags out revered Epic Award instead:

User Rating: 4.85 ( 1 votes)

Ragequitters Epic Award

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