RageQuitters Reviews: Razer Diamondback Chroma

Testing and Performance


So we know the device looks the part and can be configured to the n’th degree but how does it actually perform?

Well, whilst I could type an essay about how this mouse has improved my gaming performance measurably, I think the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” needs pimping the 21st century version.

“A video is worth a thousand words….at 30 frames a second” 🙂

We are therefore proud to present a RageQuitters video review of the Razer Diamondback Chroma covering the lighting, Razer Synapse and gaming performance aspects of the mouse for your viewing pleasure:

In addition to the video, the following points summarise the Razer Diamondback Chroma’s performance:

  • The 16,000 DPI 5G laser is seriously state-of-the-art.  I know this is a term which gets utilised too much, however, Razer have outdone themselves yet again and truly is deserving of such a statement
  • Even on the lower end of the sensitivity spectrum (I use 400 DPI personally), the mouse maintains a level of smoothness and tracking which is completely unequalled – it doesn’t miss a beat whereas the Razer Lachesis I used to use would ‘lock up’ on an axis stopping you from moving for a split second on occasions which is totally unacceptable for gamers and could ruin your game
  • The mouse’s slim and light body combined with its rubberised side-grips makes for an incredibly accurate device.  Whilst it won’t be the most comfortable gaming experience to ever grace your hand (ahem!), the device makes you ‘alert’ and able to ‘flick’ aim very rapidly helping your target acquisition
  • The scroll-wheel has an excellent action and grip – neither too heavy or too light to move with a satisfying feedback from the ratchet on each step as you rotate it.  The middle mouse button also has an excellent feel to its ‘click’ and feedback making it a very viable additional button in games
  • The two large ‘hyper response’ main buttons are large, have an excellent activation pressure required and provide great tactile feedback.  Each button has a groove which helps with the overall grip of the mouse
  • The side buttons are well placed in terms of being close enough to activate but without interfering with the grip area of the mouse on the sides.  Personally I find them a little on a small side and wish they were a bit bigger but they have a good response when activating and do the job well
  • The side buttons on your off-side are going to be harder to activate.  Whilst I use the off-side button which is nearest to the front of the mouse for more occasional actions (such as activating your Ultimate in Overwatch or going prone in Battlefield games), the off-side button nearest the rear of the mouse is nearly impossible to activate without altering your grip to accommodate pressing the button
  • The mouse lacks two ‘DPI switch’ buttons below the track wheel which I think is a really shame overall.  It would have been very useful to have had these available as two additional buttons for either DPI changes on-the-fly in game for re-binding to other actions


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