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Razer have kindly supplied us with a review sample of the Razer Diamondback Chroma so we are able to bring you our review today.

First up – let’s have a look at the device in profile.  This shot shows the smooth, slender design of the Diamondback and also how low it is in terms of overall height :

Razer Diamondback - Profile

Razer Diamondback – Profile

Moving to the overhead shot, we can see the emphasis on the two large primary buttons which consume nearly half of the top of the device.  This shot also shows the mouse’s symmetrical design:

Razer Diamondback - Top

Razer Diamondback – Top

Switching the view to the front, we can see the smooth slope towards the front and the indentations on the primary buttons for additional grip.  The track wheel features a rubber finish with raised contours to allow for excellent grip whilst either pressing or scrolling this part of the mouse.  The middle mouse button itself has an excellent tactile feel and response to it which makes it very suitable for an additional key-bind in games.  Down each side, a clear strip of plastic allows for the Chroma lighting to shine through:

Razer Diamondback - Front

Razer Diamondback – Front

Each side of the device is identical and favours neither a left or right-handed gamer; it is equally suitable for both.  From the side shots, we can see how the device curves in under the body of the mouse (helping to lift the device) and has a rubber grip area which helps with precision aiming.  Above the grip, each side features 2 well placed (albeit slightly small) side buttons which feel tactile and easy to activate as they are near enough to your grip for speed but are still kept far enough away as to not allow accidental activation (which was frequently the case with the Razer Lachesis).  Whilst it is possible to use your pinky finger on the ‘off side’ buttons, this procedure is cumbersome and you will only probably want to use the front most button (if at all) to create an ‘F12’ or similar binding to a infrequently used task (perhaps going prone in an FPS game).  Finally these shots show the long Chroma lighting strip just above the side buttons:

Razer Diamondback - Left

Razer Diamondback – Left

Razer Diamondback - Right

Razer Diamondback – Right

At the rear of the device, this shot shows show slender the mouse is an how it quickly tapers off toward the back near the palm of your hand.  This is what makes the mouse particular suitable for ‘claw’ or ‘fingertip’ grip types:

Razer Diamondback - Rear

Razer Diamondback – Rear

Flipping the mouse onto its back, the underside shows us the advanced 5G laser towards the middle as well as some well placed and decent-sized Teflon pads on the corners and ring around the laser sensor to provide a fast, smooth tracking experience.  The underside shot again shows the contoured, rubber grip on either side of the device and how heavily in indents into the body of the mouse:

Razer Diamondback - Underneath

Razer Diamondback – Underneath

Lastly this shot show the high-quality braided cable and the gold-plated contacts of the USB connector:

Razer Diamondback - Gold Plated USB

Razer Diamondback – Gold Plated USB

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