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Before concluding and scoring the review, I would like to take the opportunity to again extend a massive thank you to Razer for providing us with a review sample of this truly sublime gaming mouse so that we could provide you with this article.

The Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse is a marked improvement over the original Deathadder, and dare I say the Deathadder Chroma (which I own).  The continued addition of the Chroma lighting coupled with new 16,000 DPI optical sensor is a recipe for a truly outstanding gaming peripheral.

We really are finding it hard to fault this piece of kit. It ticks all the boxes, even more so with the addition of on-the-fly DPI buttons at the top. One neat feature is the on-screen display, when you use the sensitivity buttons in game or in Windows, a little green sensitivity bar appears to the right of your screen. Some may find this distracting but I found it really useful and it didn’t outstay its welcome, it only stays on the screen just long enough for you to check the sensitivity you’ve applied. Really cool feature.

The DPI Sensitivity OSD bar. Very useful feature

The summary of our findings are as below:


  • Features one of the world’s most accurate gaming mouse laser sensors
  • Building on the Razer Deathadder Chroma’s design with the addition of DPI buttons
  • The Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse is particularly well suited to FPS titles
  • A good degree of customisable chroma lighting over various zones
  • Amazing build quality and finish
  • Sublime, accurate and ‘feel good to press’ mechanical buttons
  • Razer Synapse continues to be an excellent gaming peripheral platform providing a consistent experience across all compatible Razer peripherals
  • Ergonomics and righties are well catered for. Claw or grip; make your choice
  • Lengthy, braided cable. Lots of room to manoeuvre



  • Right handed only
  • At around £69.99 at most e-tailers, this is an expensive mouse.  Hunt around or use our affiliate link below (we’ll love you for it!) to find the best price


Where to Buy

  RageQuitters Reviews: Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse   Razer are known for their luxury, pricey, yet awesome quality gaming peripherals. Their line of gaming mice is no exception. The Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse is a classic example of a tried and tested design aimed at the PC gamer, in…


Performance - 90%
Aesthetics - 92%
Build Quality - 95%
Value for Money - 85%



Razer have done it again. Not content with their previous, Deathadder Chroma edition, they've raised the bar even higher to ensure that the e-sport crowd and everyday gamer are well catered for. The addition of on-the-fly DPI buttons allows for precise, on-the-fly tuning. The tactile and responsive mechanical buttons are second to none and the upgraded optics make this beast shine. The Razer Synapse app once again proves to be a small, yet powerful piece of software, integral for tweaking, RGB lighting and device customisation. Any self respecting gamer will love this reptile slithering on their computer desk. 😉

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