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Razer have yet again very kindly supplied us with a review sample of the Razer Deathadder Elite so we are able to bring you our review today.

Here she is, safely tucked away in her, as always ever eye-catching Razer green and black coloured box:

Usual high quality Razer packaging – Click to enlarge

First up – let’s have a look at the device in profile.  The device features a very interesting coating – with hard plastic yet features a slightly ‘rough’ texture which helps improve your grip with the device without sacrificing durability. The bottom sides of the device sport a rubberised coating, which feels great on the grip:

Beautiful – click to enlarge

Moving to the overhead shot, at the top, we can see the addition of the increase / decrease sensitivity buttons.

Top view – Click to enlarge

Switching the view to the front, we can see the trademark fanned Deathadder mouse buttons.  The track wheel features a rubber finish with raised contours to allow for excellent grip while either pressing or scrolling this part of the mouse.  The middle mouse button itself is usable and feels very responsive and tactile.  The addition of raised rubber indents makes the wheel feel very sturdy as each roll and click feels immediately responsive.

Front on – Click to enlarge

The mouse has a dedicated ergonomic design for right-handers which is further emphasised when looking at the right-hand side of the device. “Palmies” should feel right at home with this mouse, it shapes nicely to the hand. It’s still comfortable for the “clawies” among you. The coating feels premium and doesn’t make your hand sweat during prolonged use.

Moving towards the rear demonstrates the classic smooth, slightly raised design and non-uniform slope which tails off to the right from this perspective. The ergonomic contours of the Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse sit neatly and snug into the palm of your hand.

Slightly raised to the rear – Click to enlarge

Flipping the mouse onto its back, the underside shows us the advanced 5G optical sensor towards the middle as well as a pair of, well-placed and decent-sized Teflon pads on each end and ring around the laser sensor to provide a fast, smooth tracking experience.

Impressive bottom – Click to enlarge





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