RageQuitters Reviews: Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Gaming Keyboard

Conclusion and Rating


As per my comments in the video, I would once again like to sincerely thank Razer for providing us with a review sample and the opportunity to bring you this Razer Blackwidow X Chroma review.

To summarise and conclude the review, it has been a pleasure to the use the Razer Blackwidow X Chroma keyboard from start to finish.  The new ‘bare-metal’ look and styling is extremely attractive and the weight and feel to the keyboard feels both robust and premium.

The rapid key actuation combined with the tactile and responsive feel is a pleasure to both type and game with alike, increasing the ‘connected’ feel you have between yourself and the game due to the lack of lag involved.

Some minor points of criticism I found with the keyboard are summarised as follows:

  • The default Razer Green switches may be too loud for some users who will therefore be put off by the current lack of Razer Orange ‘stealth’ switch option for the Blackwidow X Chroma at this time
  • The single-colour white status indicator LEDs for the Caps Lock / Num Lock etc… in the upper-right corner of the keyboard feature unclear symbols printed below them which are difficult to make out in the day (and impossible to see when it is dark) creating some guess-work to tell if a function is on or off
  • The majority of ‘shifted’ symbols represented on the keyboard are shown in non-standard format. For example, shifted number key symbols (e.g. !”£$) are shown underneath the numbers instead of over the top on a standard keyboard (in addition, the shifted-key functions are not backlit making them hard to see in the dark)
  • The bottom row of keys (e.g. Windows key, Fn key, Menu key) are non-standard sizes
  • The keyboard still commands a high asking price of around £130 – not cheap for a single peripheral and will be difficult to justify for most gamers on a budget who would rather invest that money in a better graphics card


For those of you who take gaming seriously but also want to know how ergonomics play their vital part, check out this amazing ‘Gaming Ergonomics’ article at Hanna Seo’s website. It has a ton of useful tips, tricks and showcases some awesome products that could make your fragging sessions extra cool and comfortable. Click here to view the article. 🙂


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Performance - 93%
Ascetics - 92%
Build Quality - 94%
Value for money - 81%



The Razer Blackwidow X's looks, style, build quality and performance highly impressed us. The continued innovative approach of using in-house designed switches and tight quality control has paid off to produce an outstanding product that will be loved by Razer fans and newcomers alike.

User Rating: 4.7 ( 1 votes)


  1. Mgsstudios says:

    Nice review, very informative!

  2. Mark Senior says:

    A great in-depth review as always from TerminatorUK.
    If I didn’t already have the Corsair K95 keyboard, then this would definitely be on my shopping list.

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