RageQuitters Reviews: Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Gaming Keyboard

Unboxing and Appearance


With the history lesson and technical overview out of the way, let’s move on to the important part; how is the keyboard delivered to the user and what does the keyboard actually look like?

Razer employs their classic black and green box colour schema for the outer packaging:

Blackwidow - 1

Blackwidow - 2

Blackwidow - 3

Blackwidow - 4

Once out of the box, the new Blackwidow X quickly reveals an attractive bare metal look, exposing the keycaps with the lack of plastic shroud around the keys (as is found on previous Blackwidow products).  The metal underneath the keys appears to be machined out of an attractive single piece of aluminium and has a decent ‘quality’ heavy weight and constitution:

Blackwidow - 5

Blackwidow - 6

Blackwidow - 7

Blackwidow - 8

Once plugged in, the magic of the Chroma LED lighting kicks into life even before the driver software has been installed.  The back-lighting behind the keys is fantastically bright and clear – just the right level without being overpowering as can be the case with some RGB backlit keyboards:

Blackwidow - 11

Blackwidow - 10

After lifting a keycap, you can see the origin of the Blackwidow X’s outstanding lighting – each key is individually backlit with its own LED light source.  The lack of plastic shroud around the keys allows the light to propagate down and out below the keys giving a great ambient light effect:

Blackwidow - 12

Blackwidow - 13

Finally the Razer logo is also lit at the front of the keyboard and will match the current lighting scheme (by default – this can be individually changed with the Chroma Configurator – see below) which has been set for the rest of the keyboard:

Blackwidow - 14


  1. Mgsstudios says:

    Nice review, very informative!

  2. Mark Senior says:

    A great in-depth review as always from TerminatorUK.
    If I didn’t already have the Corsair K95 keyboard, then this would definitely be on my shopping list.

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