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Razer Blackwidow X Chroma vs Razer Blackwidow Chroma


In case you were wondering what the differences are in the new model, Razer have provided a handy comparison chart of the new Blackwidow X keyboard against the original Blackwidow Chroma model:

Original Blackwidow Chroma vs new Blackwidow X Chroma summary chart

New Blackwidow X Chroma vs original Blackwidow Chroma – comparison chart

The differences are fairly subtle but are worth mentioning as described below:

  • The first point to note is the available switch types presented on the chart – the new Blackwidow X Chroma only currently has the Razer Green ‘clicky’ switch available at this time, however, there have been both Green ‘clicky’ and Orange ‘stealth’ options on the original Blackwidow Chroma.  The Blackwidow X ‘Ultimate’ (non-chroma) variant of the keyboard has a Cherry MX Blue key switch option available but there doesn’t appear to be any Blackwidow X keyboard featuring Razer Orange switches at this time which may be disappointing for those looking for a quieter option
  • The lighting style is also significant; the Blackwidow X has exposed keys (without a plastic shroud around the keys) allowing the light to ‘spill’ onto the keyboard making an overall more subdued / less concentrated (but certainly not dull) appearance to lighting compared to the original Blackwidow Chroma
  • The Blackwidow X features ‘exposed metal top’ keycaps for additional durability and a lighter, more tactile feel to the keys
  • There are no longer any macro keys featured down the left hand side of the keyboard on the Blackwidow X
  • There is also no USB / audio pass-through connections on the right-hand side of the keyboard
  • The Blackwidow X utilises a single braided cable for connectivity vs a multi cord connectivity of the original Blackwidow Chroma
  • Unlike its predecessor, the Blackwidow X has a good cable routing system underneath the keyboard which allows it to trace the cable out of either the centre, left or right hand side of the keyboard
  • Finally, the Blackwidow X features a smaller footprint on the desk thanks to some of changes above


Further product information can be found on Razer’s product page for the Blackwidow X Chroma here:


  1. Mgsstudios says:

    Nice review, very informative!

  2. Mark Senior says:

    A great in-depth review as always from TerminatorUK.
    If I didn’t already have the Corsair K95 keyboard, then this would definitely be on my shopping list.

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