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Customisation Options


Wired / Wireless Modes

One of the killer features of the Spatha is having the flexibility to use it in either wired or wireless mode.

Wireless mode pairs with the wireless receiver / dock using RF 2.4GHz and has a polling rate of 1000Hz. This polling rate is doubled in Wired mode up to 2000Hz.

In all honesty we couldn’t really tell the difference between the polling rates when switching from wired to wireless modes so ASUS has done really well here.


Swappable Switches

Another big feature that ASUS have included here is the ability to swap and change the main left and right click Omron switches. The purpose of this is not just so you can replace broken switches which already have a 20 million click lifetime, but to replace them with switches that have different click weights, etc. This is similar to how mechanical keyboards work with the different Cherry MX switches that can be used. A clever idea and easily changed using the Easy-swap socket design, though you are required to remove the top from the mouse using the included screwdriver.


ASUS ROG Spatha Top Removed

ASUS ROG Spatha Top Removed
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