RageQuitters Plays: Mafia 3

RageQuitters Plays: Mafia 3

OK, before we even get started, let’s be clear. Mafia III on PC (also on consoles, from what I’ve read) is an absolute technical train wreck. I’ve kept the video below relatively free of negativity, simply because, at the time of recording, I was actually able to play the game. The show stopping bug I am experiencing is intermittent so i’ve stopped playing until the developers roll out fixes. So I cannot play a game that randomly and frequently runs at 10 frames per second, no matter how good my intentions are.

This is a damn shame because underneath lurks an awesome, gritty, story-driven game. The combat is slick, feels great, the cover system works surprisingly well and the characters and voice acting is superb. I cannot wait to play the game. Please 2K/Hangar 13, get your shit together and deliver.

In conclusion, if you are looking to pick up this game, I would say wait. Wait until the slew of showstopping bugs are ironed out. It shouldn’t have been released in this state. The first two games, although mostly developed by the original team, were at least functional. Anyway, enough talk, here’s our RQ Plays video of Mafia III for the PC.


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