RageQuitters Plays: Killing Floor 2 “Bullseye” Update Preview

Yesterday, Tripwire flipped the switch on the rather sizeable opt-in beta update for Killing Floor 2. This is a totally optional update and will be tweaked and revised over time, largely based on Community feedback. So, if you own the game and fancy trying out the Sharshooter’s new skills and toys, right click on KF2 in your Steam Library > select Properties > Click on the “betas” tab > Select “Preview” from the dropdown menu. The update is just shy of 4GB. Enjoy!


  • Sharpshooter Perk
    • M14
    • Railgun
    • Liquid Nitrogen Grenade
  • 2 Community Maps
    • Containment Station
    • Hostile Ground
  • Added Basic Training – Tutorial (cosmetic items rewarded for completion)
  • Resistance/Weakness System
  • Incapacitation Changes
  • Updated Perks
    • Demo
    • Commando
    • Berserker
  • VS Survival update
  • Updated Hans Fight
  • New Character – Rae
  • 32 New Achievements
  • Menu/UI Design Updates
  • 2 crates 2 USBs (new precious items)
  • Several battlescarred weapons updated to look better
  • Steam market item view inside Trading Floor
  • Support for Double Byte Character sets
    • Chinese Localization added
    • Japanese Localization added
    • Wider range of special characters
  • Performance Optimizations


You can check out the entire changelog/notes here and also check out an extensive list of balance changes here.  There are new weapons and specimen (zeds) updates on the KF Wiki here.

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