The Mod Vault: They Hunger for Half-Life

The Mod Vault: They Hunger for Half-Life – Happy Halloween fellow readers! Here we have a mod request from our community. They Hunger is a partial conversion for the classic Valve FPS, Half-Life. Developed by Black Widow games and released in early 2000, They Hunger focuses on story-driven Survival Horror. It features custom content such as cinematics, original sound effects, voice acting and original music. So what are you waiting for? Click the play button and be prepared to be scared! 🙂



CNET Gamecenter declared “They Hunger is the best horror-themed first-person shooter since the original Blood”. According to Planethalflife (part of Gamespy network and largest Half-Life site), “The best add on map ever? We certainly think so.”

Download the pack and other fixes here:

Black Widow Games website:

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