Legendary overclocker ‘8-Pack’ at Multiplay’s Insomnia i54 Gaming Festival

Today I had the honour of having my picture taken with Ian ‘8-Pack’ Parry – the world’s #1 computer benchmarking champion as Mutliplay’s Insomnia i54 gaming festival!

8-Pack was not extremely excited when I told him about my modest 4.5ghz overclock on my Intel i7-4790k, however, it was a pleasure talking to Mr Parry and talking about all things hardware-related.

Although many of the things 8-Pack was talking about were under NDA (and therefore he couldn’t elaborate any details), he did let slip that he was looking forward to Intel’s forthcoming 14nm Broadwell release and gave an interesting nugget of information that Intel’s Skylake platform (which will succeed Broadwell later this year) may well feature memory support for both DDR3 as well as DDR4.

8-Pack did mention, however, that any serious use / overclocking of Skylake will require the transition over to DDR4 memory.

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