KILLING FLOOR 2 to make PlayStation 4 console debut

The team behind that massively popular Killing Floor series, Tripwire Interactive have announced that they will be attending the PlayStation Experience 2015. During the event, which is being held at the beginning of December 2015 they will be debuting the PlayStation 4 console version of their latest co-op sci-fi horror FPS title ‘Killing Floor 2’.

This will not simply be to show some pre-recorded PS4 game footage but are also inviting fans to experience first-hand how the game looks, feels and plays on the PS4.

Having put in many many hours on the game on Steam Early Access for PC, the RageQuitters team are excited to see if all the gibs (Visceral Gore), polish and brutal decimation of waves of ZED’s looks as good on consoles as it does on PC. I have no doubt that Tripwire Interactive will do the game proud and open up a whole new arena for console gamers to experience why the series has been so popular on the PC.

Sony have already added the upcoming release on their own PlayStation website here.

Whilst this is a PS4 exclusive, it’s yet to be seen if this will just be time limited or if it will ever come to the XBOX One in the future.

So if you’re an avid gamer or a fan of the Killing Floor series and just happen to be in San Francisco, California on the 5th and 6th December 2015 then why not get yourself down to the PlayStation Experience event. Full details of the event are listed below:

  • What: Play KILLING FLOOR 2 on PS4 at the PlayStation Experience
  • Who: Tripwire Interactive (Creators of the KILLING FLOOR and Red Orchestra franchises)
  • When: Saturday, December 5th from 10AM – 10PM | Sunday, December 6th from 10AM – 6PM
  • Where:
    Booth #2130 / #2131
    Moscone West Convention Center
    800 Howard St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
  • Tripwire Team Members in Attendance:
    • Alan Wilson – Owner/Vice President, Tripwire Interactive
    • Bill Munk – Owner/Creative Director, Tripwire Interactive
    • David Hensley – Owner/Art Director, Tripwire Interactive
    • Mike Schmitt – Senior Marketing Manager, Tripwire Interactive
    • Jared Creasy – Community Manager, Tripwire Interactive

If you would like to meet with the Tripwire Interactive team during show or to schedule a demo appointment at their booth please contact them on the Tripwire Interactive website

The Tripwire Interactive team members are also available for interviews upon request throughout the entire weekend.

For more information on Killing Floor 2, see the KF2 website

Please also see the Killing Floor 2 PS4 Announcement Trailer below



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