Killing Floor 2: Summer Sideshow Event Announcement!

Killing Floor 2: Summer Sideshow Event Announcement!

Just announced at the PC Gaming Show at E3, Tripwire continues their trend of free themed seasonal content.

For the KF veterans among you, you’ll remember how Tripwire supported Killing Floor for over 5 years with free, seasonal content as well as the usual Quality of Life updates, community content and various other additions. Personally, I love the seasonal stuff (although I wish there was an optional opt in/out… although I suppose it’s called “Seasonal content” for a reason).

My favourites have to be Halloween and Christmas. Good old Mr Gingerfast. Who can forget his priceless lines such as “I’m delicious!”, “Don’t eat meee!” and of course, “How about a slice?!” – all while running towards you, candy cane held aloft, with his sole intention of gutting you. Priceless!

Anyhoo, my trip down memory lane will, hopefully be re-lived, come Autumn/Winter. In the meantime, Summer is here so that means the Sideshow is in town, for 1 month. With a crapload of content to chew on. We get the following:

  • New map – “The Tragic Kingdom” Amusement Park
  • Oodles of interactive objective-based mini games, such as “Find Mini-Pukey”, “Feed The Pound”, “Dunk the Bloat” and “Pop the Clot”
  • Funfair rides!
  • Earn tickets to trade for cosmetic gear
  • New Zed appearances, including “Pin Head”, “Strong Pound”, “The Bearded Lady” and more! – truly a roster of freakishly freakoids to slaughter
  • New achievements
  • 2 new weapons. The HZ12 Support Shotgun and the Tactical Lever Action Rifle
  • Unlockable Carnival Hazmat suit (to make you look awesome!)
  • Weekly Outbreak events – strange modifiers that “spice things up, slightly”
  • Tons of new cosmetics to the ZEDConomy


To spice things up even more, those devilish deviants at Tripwire have included game “modifiers” – These little additions make weird things happen while you’re playing, such as exploding dying zeds, shrinking players (as well as zeds) to add even more chaos to the carnage. My excitement for the update has kicked into overdrive!

The update is due for release on Tuesday, 13th June. Those of you who are still on the fence as to whether you’re going to buy KF2  or not are well catered for. Tripwire are sweetening the deal further by offering a free week on Steam. Plenty of time to decide if the game is for you or not. Winner winner, chicken dinner. 🙂

We’ll be updating our KF2 server as soon as it becomes available. 🙂

Here’s a gallery of Tripwire’s grotesque creations and general screen shots. Enjoy!



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