Killing Floor 2 Content Update – The Descent

Killing Floor 2 Content Update – The Descent – So, it’s that time again for another content pack update for Killing Floor 2. This time we get deep and dirty with the Descent Update. So what’s new in this content release? Allow me to lavish you with the finer details….

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Full Changelog:

New Content

  • 2 Weapons
    • Spitfire Revolver(s)
    • Stoner 63A Light Machine Gun
  • 2 Maps
    • The Descent (Holdout style map)
    • Nuked
  • Variation of the Survival Game Mode
    • Holdout
      • This style of Survival map stitches many rooms together differently each time you play

General Changes

  • Fixed VOIP issues caused by recent Steam Client update
  • Default votekick setting now requires 66% instead of 50%

Bugs Fixes

  • Sharpshooter Perk had dual and single revolvers had equivalent damage bonuses applied
  • Players can no longer dismember frozen zeds on the low gore setting
  • Breaking out of an emote with weapon fire no longer shoots the projectile where the emote camera was facing
  • Using emote key during boss intro no longer switches camera view to player
  • Holding attack while reloading and then switching weapons no longer will allow players to break 3 combo limit when holding the attack button
  • Blocking Husk flamethrower attack no longer causes erratic animation
  • Fix for motion blur setting not working
  • If Low Gore setting is on, Headshots on headless state zeds will no longer count towards XP objectives and Perk Skills
  • Fixed 3P sprint animation issues with Bone Crusher, P90, KRISS, MP5RAS, MP7, M16 M203 (Left shoulder popping on sprint animation and MP5RAS not fixed)
  • Fix for trader showing the wrong ammo count when buying a dual weapon
  • Reset class ignore flag if a Husk suicide is not ignoring humans
  • Players can no longer dismember headless zed corpses on low gore settings
  • Fix for separate translucency not working
  • Emotes canceled by reloading will now properly play the reload animation
  • If a weapon has a laser attachment, it should now properly move during third person animations (and not at the players feet during an emote)
  • Fixed Husk fire effect on husk launcher remaining temporarily if players prematurely stopped suicide attack
  • Also fixed lingering flame effect on AI husk if it’s killed mid-suicide
  • Players sitting in lobby during in progress match will no longer count towards zed count player scaling
  • Fixed phantom RPG-7 rocket when players used an unloaded melee bash
  • Flex fixes (optimizations for non Flex users):
  • Never use per-poly rigid body/static mesh collision on servers
  • If we have Flex turned off, use simply rigid body/static mesh collision
  • Gunslinger/sharpshooter weapons now grant secondary XP if the weapons are flagged for multiple perks
  • XP tally bar will now properly update only currently selected perk
  • Hans no longer hates trees – when bumps into destructible objects he will no longer enter into his melee animation
  • Fix for HUD holding on to a reference to the old pawn after death, preventing updates from occurring until GC after a quick respawn
  • Changed collision settings on portal entries to fix Dosh going through them
  • Changed Flex collision from Auto to Off on a few meshes to fix Dosh going through them bug
  • Fixed a case where the Support perk would miscalculate ammo count during initial trader session
  • Hud will now show ironsights hold when looking to display ironsights toggle (and nothing is bound)
  • Boss VO should now properly play the intro VO on spawn (in some spawns it would first trigger a taunt VO)
  • Fixed a jittery shake when aiming down sights of the Railgun
  • Fixed knife decals appearing as bullet holes in third-person
  • Fixed Trader Pods not being set up for grenade collision
  • Fixed the bloat not fully damaging the door in some situations
  • Fixed clipping on the MP7 1P full and partial reload animations
  • Fixed medic dart secondary fire recoil being tied to each medic’s gun primary fire recoil
  • Fixed The Booty emote being called the thunder clap after it was equipped
  • Fixed zed grab SFX persisting during loading screens when using web admin map travel
  • Fleshpound Atk_Lunge_V5 will now damage players
  • Fixed extra camera shake playing during trench gun elite partial reload
  • Fixed a UV mapping error on the M14 3p pickup model
  • Fixed a case where players could stumble parry a Fleshpound’s glowing attack
  • Fixed the wrong color border around level 25 swat achievement
  • Fixed a case where a Siren killed while still boosted by an elite Alpha’s rally ability would stack damage boost to future Sirens spawned in
  • Fixed custom game modes kicking and blocking client from servers until restart
  • Fixed Demolitionist : ZED TIME – Mad Bomber : Demolition weapons no longer reload slow during zed time when reload starts before zed time kicks in
  • Sprint with MP5 in spectator view no longer causes animation to stutter
  • Fixed capitalization error with airborne agent field medic skill


  • Burning Paris
    • Thrown dosh can no longer get stuck inside concrete bollards
    • Adjusted blocking volume around phone booth
    • Fixed Zeds clipping through a door in burning paris
    • Fixed a collision issue for player zeds
  • Zed Landing
    • Fixed floating foliage
    • Fixed several cases of tree clipping
  • Farm House
    • Fixed collision issues with plywood windows which allowed grenades to pass through
  • Evacuation Point
    • Added blocking volume in ceiling to prevent player zeds from jumping through
    • Zeds falling out of ceiling window should no longer have a high chance to get stuck
  • Catacombs
    • Zed corpses should no longer clip through ground rubble
  • Infernal Realm
    • Fixed an exploit spot
  • Hostile Grounds
    • Fixed a collectable that could not be destroyed
  • Prison
    • Fixed an exploit spot

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