Insomnia i57: Exclusive Interview with Overclockers’ 8PACK

Once again, TerminatorUK delivers another exclusive interview. This time he’s chatting with Ian “8PACK” Parry from Overclockers. The well known tweaker and overclocker of PC components is showcasing some pretty special items at this year’s Insomnia Gaming Festival.

Most notably is the immense 8PACK “Supernova”, an insanely overclocked powerhouse of a PC, boasting 4 Titan X’s running in quad SLI as well as superclocked DDR4 RAM and an Intel Core i7 5960X CPU, there’s an impressive LED system and ridiculous looking watercooling solution thrown in to keep those uber hot components nice and cool. It really does look the muts nuts, at almost £12,000, it’s an absolute beast both for gaming and your bank account.

Check out the awesome Supernova and other 8PACK products on Overclocker UK’s website here

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