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Before concluding and scoring the review, I would like to take the opportunity to again extend a massive thank you to E-Win for subsidising the cost of the review sample of this excellent gaming chair so that we could provide you with this article. You can check out E-win’s extensive catalogue of amazing looking gaming chairs on their website, here.

E-Win have ticked all the boxes any gamer would be primarily looking for with the E-Win Champion Series CPH gaming chair  – amazing looks, premium material and a build quality that would make a tank blush.

After the initial honeymoon period subsides, however, you do start to analyse your decision in a bit more depth.  Taking cost, initial comfort and limited areas of adjustment into consideration, this slightly tarnishes what could have been a home run for E-Win.

The summary of our findings are as below:


  • Incredible looks – the all black design of E-Win Champion Series CPH gaming chair and use of premium materials / design is fantastic.  Full marks in this area – this is a chair you would proudly wheel into a LAN party any day of the week
  • Build quality – off the scale.  I cannot praise this enough; the combination of steel frame, memory foam, suspended seat tray, base and casters are absolutely insane.  The term ‘built like a tank’ gets thrown around far too often but in this case, it is entirely justified
  • Armrests – good level of adjustment (height, rotation and forward/backwards sliding) and comfortable to rest forearms and elbows on.  Plenty of space to get my chunky tree-trunk thighs under to sit cross legged = win
  • Recline – this gaming chair reclines in a nearly horizontal position.  Use your imagination to put this to good use 😉
  • Silence – smooth rotation, movement on casters and no squeaking when sitting down or standing up.  All indications of great build quality
  • 5-Year Warranty



  • With an RRP €309 on E-Win’s European site, this is a very expensive chair.  You can, however, use code RQ on for a 10% discount
  • Comfort – this is not the most comfortable chair I’ve ever used initially.  The memory foam takes time to ‘train’ before it becomes comfortable.  Even once adjusted, I fear, for this price a high-end office chair would have the edge but this likely applies to most gaming chairs
  • Weight – while the build quality is fantastic, the weight is not.  If you are intending to take this thing to LANs regularly, you will be in for a tough time lifting in / out of the car
  • Limited ergonomic adjustment – whilst better than most gaming chairs, the bucket seat combined with lack of seat tray lateral / tilt adjustment means the design favours style over comfort to a degree



  "It's just a chair isn't it?" I hear you say when the the term 'gaming chair' is used... Well, you definitely could said that or as I would say, always looking on the positive side, "a new opportunity to explore another frontier in gaming peripheral". OK, perhaps I am…


Performance - 80%
Aesthetics - 93%
Build Quality - 95%
Value for Money - 75%



The E-Win Champion Series CPH is an outstaning looking chair, utilising excellent materials and providing a build quality that is hard to put at fault. The inherrient flaws of a gaming chair design, however, are still apparent and therefore comfort and limited ergonmic adjustment take a hit as a result. Despite these small shortcomings, E-Win Champion Series CPH is still an excellent gaming chair and is worthy of the RageQuitters Epic Award:

User Rating: 4.85 ( 1 votes)

Ragequitters Epic Award



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    Great review. I need to come to your gaff and try it out!

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