Depth receives “Chivalry vs Depth” Crossover Update

The guys at Team Depth and Torn Banner Studios have been cooking something up, something rather epic and unique:

Yes, sharks meet Medieval Knights with their respective weapons; stabby stuff and teeth. The results looks rather….bloody and gory.

Chivalry and Depth have teamed up to bring you a bunch of new in-game cosmetics, as well as a new map! Starting tomorrow at 10am PDT, both games will be 50% off on Steam until May 5th, 2015 to celebrate this union of Sharks and Knights. The update is scheduled to go live as soon as possible, the current status of that can be found below.

New Cosmetics for Depth & Chivalry!

Players which own both Depth and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on Steam will have access to these new cosmetics in-game:

Cosmetics Available in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare:

  • Arm yourself to the teeth with the Deepfang Morning Star and bring the ferocity of a Great White to the battlefield.
  • Strike fear with the Great Bite Helm as you put your enemies in deep water to escape the jaws of death.

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