Carmageddon: Reincarnation Q&A with Nobby Barnden

We managed to catch up with Stainless Software’s Co-founder, Nobby Barnden, who was kind enough to answer a few technical questions about their recent driving/gore-fest, Carmageddon: Reincarnation, which has just come out of Early Access on Steam.

RQ: How is the game doing after the release? I have seen many negative comments on the store page, most of it comes from the extremely low performance and the slow loading times, you think its possible to fix that without degrading the graphics even more?

NB: We are working on patching the game and continuing to optimise. Unfortunately the move from Early Access to Full Release has prompted negative responses from those still having issues, even though we’ve tried hard to improve things. But a LOT of gamers expect 60 FPS now, and for us to achieve that is going to be more hard work. We hoped that in the meantime the game is fun enough – but for some it never will be!

RQ: I understand, maybe with a LOD (Level Of Detail) system in place and proper face culling you could get more improvements, at least for the map and the props that are not animated. but then again, its hard when you are limited by the original game engine.

NB: We incorporated Umbra as the most cost-effective, time effective implementation of “a system”. With limited resources and budget we’ve had to do as much as we can realistically. There’s so much “in an ideal world” stuff we’d love to do…

RQ: I guess its not always easy to push out a game when starting from scratch

NB: That’s been pretty much the story with the core engine tech. It was in need of an overhaul way beyond what anyone originally estimated.

RQ: You never considered using Unreal engine or similar?

NB: We carefully evaluated all the middle-ware options at the beginning of the project (getting on for 3 years ago) and we concluded that the work involved in integrating other engine tech with our own would probably take as much time as (the then estimated) time it would take to update our own.

RQ: I guess also going into a different engine all together means having to learn how to work on it from scratch, learning a new engine workflow takes time or money for hiring people with knowledge in those engines.

NB: Exactly – and with what was a small budget, these were also critical decisions.

RQ: I understand, I just hope its possible to improve the game without losing too much in the process and that the game satisfies most people, maybe you are already thinking about how to make the next game of the series?

NB: Yes, so do I and yes, we are! 🙂

Carmageddon: Reincarnation is now available on Steam. More info can be found Here.



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  1. Suhrai says:

    I’m disappointed by the optimization, but I sincerely wish them all the best. In its current state the game is quite unplayable for me and I had to refund it, which is a shame because as a game it seems very fun. I’m ready to rebuy it if the performance will correspond with visuals. Really hope that happens.

  2. Yep, I have a GTX 970 and the framerate is still pretty poor. I have the other games and they’re a ton of fun. A shame. Hopefully something will be done.

  3. Seth says:

    It was funny for me watching TotalBiscuit complain about the loading times considering I’m playing on a laptop that I didn’t think would even run the game, and putting up with 4+ minutes waiting before every event. The game is simply fun enough for me to put up with that until I buy my next computer. Plus I don’t think the game looks particularly bad even on minimum settings.

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