Brutal Doom Trailer – Mod Releasing 2nd June

SGtMarkIV is a busy chap. A one-man wrecking crew, breathing new life into iD’s classic shooter, Doom. Brutal Doom is a violent, visceral, disturbing, yet ultimately satisfying take on the Doom Marin’e epic adventures. Rip and tear, shoot and kill, maim and twist. Utilising the GZDoom Engine, the mod adds so much new content. From totall new animations, fatalities, new weapons, iron-sights, dismemberment, locational damage, stainmaps (blood and gore in the world)…. and these are just the basics, there’s an absolute crap load  of content in this mod.

Version 20 will be released on June 5. It will also come up with Starter Pack (with many of the maps featured on this video), featuring an “unzip and play” installation kit and 30 new levels.

You can check out version 19 here. It’s and absolute bucket full of bloody fun.

Rip and tear. 🙂

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