A Friendly, yet HostileTakeOver

A Friendly, yet HostileTakeOver

If you’re reading this, you’re at least interested in either PC hardware, random gaming websites or you’re a gamer. Or perhaps all. That’s awesome. We’re gamers and we know a lot of people who develop games, we also know a little about the game creation process. It’s tough. One such budding game designer, -MGSa-Sniper, heads up MGSStudios. Famous for his creative map design in Tripwire’s Killing Floor games, he has decided to have a stab at creating his own game, named “HostileTakeOver” – at first glance this game looks rough, it doesn’t much look like a game, true, but this is the way games start out, usually.

The premise behind HostileTakeOver is a simple one; as an alien, betrayed by mankind, you beam to Earth and take back what is rightfully yours, the special Energy Orbs, unique to your race and vital to your species’s survival. Kill anything in your path and retrieve them. This third person action game is set to feature a cover system, unique weapons, kick ass audio and sizeable maps. Key features are:


  • Full single player campaign
  • Future Online Cooperative play (to follow post release)
  • Huge, sprawling maps ranging from snowy peaks to barren, dust filled deserts
  • Future competitive Multiplayer modes
  • Free future DLC with no catches, F2P or Microtransactions
  • Full modding support
  • Harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 4


Of course, on the surface, it looks like a generic third person shooter, but this is a learning experience for Sniper. This is his first ever attempt at solely producing his own game. I’ve seen the recent demo reels and it is ambitious for one person, considering the amount of animating, map design, UI work, audio work, texturing and coding that is required and not to mention money, there are a few premium, paid for assets in the game, which lessens the amount of work but doesn’t lessen the amount of cold, hard cash required.. it’s a lot to take on as well as being a family man and holding down a full time regular day job.

A Friendly, yet HostileTakeOver 1

So, why have a put this article together? Well, Sniper is a good friend but he’s also rather talented. He’s well known for pushing the envelope and trying new things with his maps. Take for instance, Killing Floor 2. An old KF1 map, named West London was one of his most successful creations, a testament to his inventiveness and eye for detail. A day/night cycle created and was added to the map, making it a challenge for those players who liked to stay outside. Add some awesome rain, thunder and lightning effects to the mix and you have a very atmospheric map. Created from scratch.

The map was eventually polished, tested and entered into Tripwire’s Grindhouse Mapping Contest, which won a cash prize by placing 4th place in the best non-survival map category. Check it out here. Fun but tough! You can also check out his other maps by visiting his Steam Workshop page page here

So back to HostileTakeOver. The next step for the project is to get it on to Steam Greenlight. -MGSa-Sniper is hoping to gain more exposure by gaining enough votes to utilise Valve’s very powerful platform. Once on Greenlight, it may be possible to hire more talent such as a coder or a couple of mappers to help move development along.

A Friendly, yet HostileTakeOver 2


So, that’s it. This is Sniper’s first game. It’s early, it’s buggy and doesn’t look great, but that’s how all games start out, right? So why not show your support and help get this onto Steam Greenlight. For those of you scoffing at this, bear in mind the shit that actually does get onto Greenlight… the above very early game screenshots already put those games to shame. Sniper isn’t in this for a quick cash grab, he’s a talented, passionate guy with some good ideas. He just needs a little support to help kick things off.

You can check out -MGSa-Sniper’s Steam Community page here. I know he will appreciate some love.


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